"You can say more in one picture than 3 paragraphs of predictable biographic buzzwords" ~ Ben the Illustrator

“Ben is one of those rare breeds of illustrators - he totally understands the various nuances of the most complex client brief, can interpret ideas brilliantly first time, and creates the most magnificent pieces of digital art with consummate skill and professionalism. As a creative, its a joy working on a project with Ben because I absolutely trust him - as he always delivers something special.”
~ Stuart Lang : Founder of WeLaunch.co.uk.
"When making the Made You Look documentary Ben's name was on our must have list from day one, we were overjoyed when he agreed to contribute, and he didn't disappoint. Ben's talent goes way beyond the beautifully crafted colourful minimalism that he has become known for. He is also altruistic and philanthropic, with many side projects that champion the work of others and highlight an array of worthy causes. It is rare that you find a creative who works so incredibly hard, takes risks and is also generous with their knowledge and talent, Ben has all these things and more, A truly unique voice in the industry!"
~ Anthony Peters : Director of Made You Look, feature-length graphic arts documentary film.
“I follow a lot of different illustrator accounts, Ben The Illustrator might be my favourite. I love seeing what he’s up to with his colour stories and arrangements. You can learn a lot by looking at different artist medium.”
~ James Pearse Connelly : Emmy Award winning set designer of JPConnelly.com.

"A lifestyle perfectly crafted”
~ Angela Dunning : Judge awarding the illustration category winner in the Creativepool.com Awards 2017.

“Ben the Illustrator” has a unique style, drawing inspiration from peers such as Japan’s Takashi Murakami and late Twentieth century graffiti artists. He combines this with the energy of edgier contemporary music, and we begin to see the emergence of a new urban hybrid style which may define the visual expression of today.”
~ Matt Mattus : Hasbro designer, writing in the book ‘Beyond Trend’ (HOW Books).