Editorial Illustration

Editorial has always been one of my favourite areas to work in, learning from a variety articles, telling a story or relaying information.  I enjoy working alongside art directors to bring some colour to the page, whether it's digital or in print, serious or playful.
Sappi Europe : An illustration for Sappi's company magazine published by John Brown Media looking at the ebbs and flows of print magazine popularity.
The Boston Globe : Illustrating their Opinion supplement, focusing on further education, including a cover illustration and a series of article-related pieces.
Chicago Magazine : Illustrating an article about personalising your rental space. We decided to show a space mid-decoration, bringing some of the tips in the article to life.
Foodism Magazine : Illustrating a feature article looking at the new romantic meals, out with the oysters and in with the pasta and potatoes!
GQ Magazine : Illustrating an article advising people on good health and work regimes to enable you to be a 'winner at life'.
The Guardian : Illustrating the 'Long Read' in the Journal section, accompanying a piece by Reni Eddo-Lodge entitled 'Why I'm no longer talking to white people about race'.
Marquette Engineer : Illustrating a feature article for The Marquette College of Engineering for their annual magazine looking at the opportunities for taking students into real-world engineering situations to aid their studying.
Pets at Home : Illustrating Pets At Home magazine for John Brown Media, looking at pet allergies around the home.
PM Network : Illustrating Imagine Publishing's PM Network creating a cross section house and highlighting the new technology currently available.
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